Sitting on a Corn Chip

Corn_chipsCorn Chips are food, right? So I can post this poem in a cooking blog, right? Well, I’m going to  in response to Lou’s comment, requesting it.  I took a Writing Poetry class in college, and one of the assignments was to write a poem in which you broke as many of the “rules” for writing poetry as you could.  Sitting on a Corn Chip was my effort to break the rules.   Enjoy.

Sitting On a Corn Chip

(Being a “bad poem” created through breaking poetry-writing rules.)

Sitting on a corn chip

I contemplated the meaning

of life,

As the corn chip crumbled

Like the Berlin Wall crumbling,

Leaving me flat, splayed legged, dumped

I realized, like Columbus seeing the promised land

That the world is flat no more,

Thus giving life meaning

No more mysteriousness like the Mona Lisa

Meaning, being, seeing

Reach out and take it

Stretch forth your hand

like Moses to the Lamanites

Ponder life’s meaning now

Because you never know

When you may run out of,

Corn Chips


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