Kelly Making Pancakes
Kelly Making Pancakes

Cutestuff, Cooking, and Calamity

Kelly was my husband. One of his nicknames for me was Cutestuff.  I say was, because I haven’t heard him call me that for ages, since 2004 in fact. He passed away unexpectedly on November 9th of that year, and that’s the calamity. I miss him every day —but the memory of his voice calling me Cutestuff lingers, and  this blog is about me cooking, and a lot of my experiences with cooking involved Kelly.  So I wanted to start this blog with an essay I wrote shortly after he died, where I tried to capture Kelly’s connection with food, and how I fit in: Slumgullion – Or Kelly Cooks.

I must admit, it has taken me a long time to even want to cook again. For years it was simply easier to eat a sandwich over the kitchen sink (fewer crumbs to clean up that way, right?) than cook a meal for myself — but, as trite as the phrase is, time does indeed heal. My revived interest in cooking is evidence of that, and even though I have not cooked nearly as much in the last ten years as I did in the preceding twenty, I am a good cook, and my kids often ask for recipes. The problem is I can never remember which kid has asked for what recipe, so this blog serves an additional purpose of providing a place where they can come to find my recipes.

So, I bid you warm welcome to this rambling, meandering collection of stories and recipes that makes up Cutestuff Cooks.

                                            When we were young, Cutestuff and Kelly

Thanks for joining me on this adventure, where we can share good food, good friends, and family.

For other aspects of my life, not related to cooking, see my other blog: KyneWynn’s Chronicles.

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